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Chapter 9

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Matthias Niemeier

Chapter 9The EyeIntroductionVision Detect thingssensitivity to light allows us to see thingsLight Electromagnetic energy emitted in wavesRetina Contains photoreceptors to convert light energyneural activity rest of eye forms crisp images Made to detect differences n intensity of light falling on different parts of it st 1 relay in pathway that serves visual perception occurs in cell group of dorsal thalamus called the lateral geniculate nucleus LGNLGN visual info ascends to cerebral cortex for interpretation and remembering Properties of LightLight is electromagnetic radiation that is visible to our eyesElectromagnetic radiation has wavelength distance bw successive peakstroughs frequency number of waves per second amplitudeRadiation w high frequency short wavelengths as hihest energy content OpticsReflection Bouncing of light rays off surfaceAbsorption Transfer of light energy to particle or surfaceRefraction Imagies formed on eye this way bending of light rays that can occur when they travel form 1 transparent medium to another ie ray of light passing through air or waterThe Structure of the Eye Gross Anatomy of the Eye Pupil Opening that allows light to enter eye and reach the retinaIris Pigmentation for eye colour contains 2 muscles that makes it smaller when it contracts the other makes it largerCornea Glassy tansparent external surgace of eyeSclera white of eye continuous w cornea forms tough wall of eyeballExtraocular Muscles Move eyeball in orbit eyeball socketConjuntiva Membrane that folds back form inside of eyelids and ataches to scleraOptic Nerve Carries axons from retina exits the back of eye through orbit and reaches base of brain near pituitary gland Opthalmoscopic Appearance of the EyeOpthalmoscope Device to see into eye through pupil to retinaOptic Disk Where optic nerve fibers exit the retina
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