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Chapter 4

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Chad Horne

Chapter Four NotesWhat should the governments role be in the mediamedia can be totally run by the government and used as propagandaliberal countries media is somewhat government regulated copyright lawsin the past this has been associated with free speech and public interestPragmatism the branch of philosophy that assesses truth in terms of effect outcome and practicalitytruth is based on tangible results and its possible consequences and outcomestruth is viewed as a label or quality opposite metaphysical truths can never be fully known and will be discoveredconnected to the protestant work ethicWilliam Jamesfounded the American school of pragmatism focused on the consequences of individual beliefpeople can grow in this way and stressed moderation to achieve goalsfocus of personal growthJohn Deweytheories on nature of educationassociated knowinglearning with human activityexperiencethought is the result of trying to overcome difcultieswe learn from the past to manage future experiences thought it practicalthought philosophy should be a tool to correct problemspragmatic educational system educators should trains students to problem solve to make them responsible citizens of a democratic societyRichard Rortythought metaphysical philosophy is uninspiring and a way to avoid genuine conversation and problem solvingpragmatic thinkers gain understanding of human systems and agencyRelativism the belief that diverse approaches and theories related to a given subject are all equally correct went against pragmatism because in relativism there is no truth to act on and in pragmatism there is no search for truthwhen a pragmatist addresses metaphysical theories relativistic because all searches for truth are equally valid since they all dont really make a differencewhen a pragmatist addresses lived experiences and situations entertain options to the point that they can be discussed tested and selected through problem solving pragmatism allows us to judge government regulation based on its effects must benet society and correct problemsbad regulation does not provide social benets or comes from constant truths about the worlddedication to improve historical moments in the futurestandards for evaluation of pragmatic approach1 consequences clear effects of a regulation to society at largemust be benecial if the regulation is seen as being goodtangible results of a belief as a measure of truthconsequences are tied to the historical moment
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