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HUMAN RESEACHCLINICAL TRIALSHuman research has lead to great advancements and disagreements among philosophers and scientists On one side human research has led to the development of medical science why the development of vaccines and treatments for polio measles yellow fever hepatitis and others On the other side it has also led down to some dark paths 1 Nazi experiments 2 Tuskegee study 3 Radiation and children To deal with such problems among human research numerous codes of ethics outlined on principles governing human research or clinical trials1 The Nuremberg code 2 Declaration of helenski 3 The Belmont report A human research or a clinical trial is normally an intervention of a drug or a treatment procedure to determine the best possible effect Clinical trials can derive reliable answers because they are carefully configured minimize bias and avoid errorsA typical clinical trial consists of two groups control group and the experimental grou
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