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Chad Horne

The main issue is justice and dividing up health care resources relies on issues as of who should get health care and what is justNo system can provide maximum health care for everyone there are always limitations Costs restricts how much health care can be delivered and how much can be obtainedMoreover a societys finite resources must be allocated to satisfy many needs besides health care that is off education transportation law enforcement and otherSome kinds of health care can increase well being of more people to a greater degree than others especially in case of a poor population and therefore considerations of efficiency are needed to be shaped for the allocation of resources The current system for allocating health care is widely believed to be not only unjust but also ineffective and unsustainable Any claim that by several measures it has failed or is failingIt should be noted that health care is so expensive that only few can afford it unless they have some type of health insurance it itself expensiveUS STATS OF HEALTH CAREManaged careA system for providing health care to a particular group of patients using regulatory restraints to control costs and increase efficiencyPeople who enroll in a managed care plan such as HMO or PPO get health care at discounted prices from the plants network of
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