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Reproductive technology is a way in which doctors can fertilize a womans egg in a laboratory dish to produce an embryo that can be implanted in any normal uterus mechanically bring together selected sperm and eggs in fallopian tubes for fertilization and create embryos from donot eggs and sperm to offer up for adoptionThis technology has also made the novel role of reproductive surrogate a woman who contracts to gestate a baby for others who may or may not be genetically related to itReproductive technologies are meant to address the agonizing problem of infertility and the powerful desire that many people have children of their own especially children with whom they have a biological link Infertility Usually defined as the inability to get pregnant after one year of unprotected sex can befall a couple if there is a problem with any one of those processes Acouple can become infertile if ovulation does not happen either sperm or egg is off low quality the fallopian tubes are blocked the embryo is abnormal or implantation is unsuc
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