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Kelin Emmett

Euthanasia  Good death  Active euthanasia – physician does something directly to bring about the patient’s death; illegal in most places  Passive euthanasia – physician withdraws treatment from patient and allow nature to take its course  Moral debate between active and passive euthanasia  Motivation, intention, character of the will explains difference between killing and letting die  Voluntary euthanasia – patient voluntarily, autonomously, allow euthanasia Gay-Williams  Living in a way that is consistent with nature is way to wellbeing  Natural law position arguments between active and passive euthanasia Brock  Slippery slope argument, passive euthanasia leads to voluntary euthanasia, leading to nonactive voluntary euthanasia, leading to active voluntary euthanasia  Worried about difference between voluntary and nonvoluntary, instead of the passive and activeness Rachels   Slippery slope argument: If we allow physician to deliberately kill patients on their request, then sets us on slippery slope because then more and more people, practically elder and severely handicap to end their lives sooner, lead to non- active forms of euthanasia, lead to people who are not competent to make decisions for themselves whether to die or not Physician-assisted suicide (PAS) Supreme Court – philosopher’s brief  Physician-assisted suicide (patient asks for help to suicide, physician gives patient drug to end life, the patient carries out the action; illegal in most places) is different from active euthanasia  First concern that PAS should not be illegal becaus
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