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Sonia Sedivy

Austria1 DANIEL DENNET INTENTIONAL SYSTEMS a thing is an intentional system only in relation to the strategies of someone who is trying to explain and predict its behaviour. DESIGN STANCE: function, purpose-relative or teleological. System is composed of larger or smaller functional parts. Predictions involve the assumption that each part will function properly. Generally adopted when predicting about mechanical object behaviour. Essentially, predictions are about system's functional design irrespective of physical constitution or conditions. PHYSICAL STANCE: predictions based on actual physical state of the object worked out by applying knowledge of the laws of nature. INTENTIONAL STANCE: prediction based on the assumption that the system's rationality is relative to a number of things. OR PLAINLY, ASSUMPTION OF RATIONALITY. Predictions are based on one's view that the thing is an intentional system. Ascription of certain information, supposition that the system is directed by certain goals, and lastly, working to take the most reasonable action. Info possessed is beliefs and desires. chess playing computer- artificial rationality Intentional stance is good when it is warranted to suppose optimal design. Behaviour manifests beliefs as actions which, given desires, would be appropriate to such beliefs as would be appropriate to environmental stimulation Desires will be manifested in behaviour as those appropriate desires, given the needs of the creature, to which the action of the creature would be appropriate, given the creature's beliefs. Austria2 ascription of beliefs and desires must be interdependent. he argues that all we transport from our world to theirs are the categories of rationality, perception, and action. in virtue of their rationality, beliefs about logical truths can be shared. Theory of behavior for any system:predicting behaviour by citing its beliefs and desires. How is intentional theories of behaviour relate to other theories of behavior? Commonsense explanations and predictions of behaviour are intentional. We assume rationality. irrational behaviour causes us to adjust our strategies shifting to intentional into design stance. prediction of animal behaviour by commonsense is also intentional. The mouse example suggests that we ascribe beliefs and desires in order to predict its actions. belief of trths of logic=follow rules of logic any imperfect intentional system must not be ascribed with all logical truths. Not all inference rules of an actual intentional system may be valid. we end up predicting from the design stance when the assumption of rationality is dropped. Austria3 theory-event-signal-signal reader-loan of intelligence. SKinner: what is borrowed is worthless to begin with. Intentionally couched claims are empirically vacuous because they are
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