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Sonia Sedivy

Austria1 CAMPBELL INTRODUCTION seeing= referring Connection between refererence and consciousness has been lost sight of.We understand ref better in view that it is at bottom a phenomenon of cons. We know how to think about cons if we know that cons of obj provides knowledge of reference. Reference: how our thoughts and words connect to the things about which we think and talk about. Attention: is an element of control of the whole system SIngling out: attending to the object. Pointing, act of drawing someone's attention to an object REFERENCE TO THE OBJECT DEPENDS ON ATTENTION TO THE OBJECT. Attention as a phenomenon of consciousness that matters for knowledge of reference. To understand how KOR depends on attention, one must understand the relation between experiential h of an object and underlying shifts in the configuration of info-processing machinery. Description of what KOR is and what it does. WHAT IS: provided by conscious attention WHAT IT DOES (SIGNIFICANCE): first look at the functional role of conscious attention Austria2 2 PHENOMENONS that are related: 1)attention as phenomenon of consciousness and 2)attention as
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