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Chapter 11

PHLA10H3 Chapter Notes - Chapter 11: Theodicy

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William Seager

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Chapter 11 November 22, 2014
Core Questions in Philosophy - Part 2
The Argument from Evil:
The fact that there is so much evil in the world proves that there is no God (The
Argument from Evil) - There are 3 forms of this argument
NOTE: For the problem of evil, we assume that there are two forms of evil, natural evils that
exist inthe world and human induces evils
Form One:
If God were to exist, that being would be all-pkg
If an all-pkg being existed, then there would be no evil
There is evil
Therefore, there is no God
Premise 3 - This premise can be countered by saying that there is no "right" or "wrong" .
The universe is morally neutral
Premise 1 - This premise can be countered because there is no absolute definition of
God (it is NOT the same as saying "all bachelors are unmarried"). For example, ancient
Greeks denied that Gods were all-pkg
Premise 2 - This premise can be rejected by looking at traditional Theodicy. There is a
belief that some evils are "soul building" - i.e. God puts evil in the world to "test" us
Important to note that only SOME evil can be thought of as soul
building, can we really claim that all of the torture that occurs in
the world is there to make us "better"?
Also, some people are destroyed by evil, not built (therefore not all
evil can be justified as being soul building)
If God was all-pkg , why wouldn't he just build us with strong
Form Two:
If God were to exist, then that being would be all-pkg
If an all pkg being existed, then the amount of evil would not exceed the soul-building amount
The amount of evil does exceed a soul building amount
Therefore, God does not exist
It can be argued that God created us with the quality of free will, therefore it is up to us
whether we do good or bad. - this accounts for the amount of evil that surpasses a soul
building amount
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