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Textbook Notes for Sonia Sedivy

UTSCPHLC95H3Sonia SedivyWinter

PHLC95H3 Chapter Notes -Qualia, Physicalism

OC873543 Page
26 Feb 2013
Mind body problem: consciousness, particularly phenomenal consciousness (p-consciousness) Experience represents the thing and the experience itself. Th
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UTSCPHLC95H3Sonia SedivyWinter

PHLC95H3 Chapter Notes -Austria3, Retina, Intentionality

OC873546 Page
28 Apr 2013
Conscious attention can be causing the selection of info relating to just a specific objto control the subjects verbal reports about that obj. Content
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UTSCPHLC95H3Sonia SedivyWinter

John Campbell- Introduction.docx

OC873542 Page
28 Apr 2013
Connection between refererence and consciousness has been lost sight of. we understand ref better in view that it is at bottom a phenomenon of cons. We
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UTSCPHLC95H3Sonia SedivyWinter

PHLC95H3 Chapter Notes -Intentional Stance, Optimal Design

OC873545 Page
28 Apr 2013
Austria1 a thing is an intentional system only in relation to the strategies of someone who is trying to explain and predict its behaviour. System is c
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