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University of Toronto Scarborough
Physics and Astrophysics
Brian Wilson

Chapter 22 Wave OpticsLight and OpticsDiffraction spreading of waves when a wave passes through a holeCorpuscles very small light and fast particles consisting light WRONG by NewtonLight is an electromagnetic wave an oscillation of the electromagnetic field requiring no material medium in which to travelLight exhibits behavior thats neither wavelike nor particlelike but characteristics of bothModels of Light each model successfully explains the behavior of light within a certain domainoWave Model responsible for the widely known fact that light is a wave and it exhibits the same behavior as sound or water wavesoRay Model responsible for the fact that light travels in a straight lineoPhoton Model light behaves like neither a wave nor a particle but consists of photons that have both propertiesWave Optics the study of light as a waveSingleSlit DiffractionSingleSlit Diffraction diffraction through a tall narrow slitoA viewing screen is placed distance L behind the slit and we assume that La slit widthoThe light pattern on the viewing screen consists of a central maximum flanked by a series of weaker secondary maxima and dark fringesoThe central maximum is significantly broader than the sec
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