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Physics and Astrophysics
Brian Wilson

Chapter 29 The Electric PotentialElectric Potential EnergyKinetic Energy K the sum of the kinetic energies of all the particles in the system2K mvPotential Energy U the interaction energy of the systemDUWinteraction forcesWFDrcosq where Dr is a linear displacement and q is between the force and DrConservative Force the work done as a particle moves from position i start to position f end and is independent of the path followedDUWmgymgygravgravfiDUWqEsqEselecelecfiElectric Potential Energy in a Uniform Electric Field UUqEs where s is elec0measured from the negative plate and U is the potential energy at the 0negative plate s0In a parallelplate capacitor the potential energy of a positive charge decreases in the direction of E but the charge gains kinetic energy as it moves toward the negative plateIn a parallelplate capacitor the potential energy of a negative charge decreases in the direction opposite to E and the charge gains kinetic energy as it moves away from the negative plateIf a charged particle is projected outward in a uniform field it gradually slows kinetic to potential until reaching the turning point where UEelecmechIf the motion o
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