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Physics and Astrophysics
Brian Wilson

Chapter 32 Fundamentals of CircuitsCircuit Elements and DiagramsCircuit Diagram a logical picture of what is connected to whatLight bulbs have two ends and current passes through the bulb it can be thought that a light bulb is a resistor that gives off light when a current is presentKirchhoffs Laws and the Basic CircuitKirchhoffs Junction Law the total current into the junction must equal the total current leaving the junction IIinoutEnergy Conservation sum of the potential differences around any loop or closed path is zeroKirchhoffs Loop Law DVDV0loopIoDraw a circuit diagramoAssign a direction to the currentoTravel around the loopDV e for an ideal battery in the negativetopositive bat directionDVe for an ideal battery in the positivetonegative batdirectionDVIR for a resistorRoApply the loop lawComplete Circuit a circuit that forms a continuous path between the battery terminalsLoad a resistorThe battery is called the sourceThe potential energy that the charges gain in the bat
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