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Textbook Notes for Salam Tawfiq

UTSCPHYA10H3Salam TawfiqWinter

PHYA10H3 Chapter Notes - Chapter 1: Scientific Notation, Significant Figures, Projectile Motion

Mandy Zhou4 Page
15 Jan 2018
Four basic types of motion: linear, circular, projectile, rotational. Motion is defined as the change of an object"s position with time. Linear, circul
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UTSCPHYA10H3Salam TawfiqSpring

PHYA10H3 Chapter Notes - Chapter 5: Contact Force, Normal Force, Euclidean Vector

Yegane Vahidi2 Page
12 Mar 2018
A pull/push (an action) vector that acts on the object (exerts on it) and requires an agent (cause) is force. Size of a force is its magnitude f . Forc
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