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Chapter 1

POLA01H3 Chapter Notes - Chapter 1: Clean Technology

Political Science
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Matthew Hoffmann

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Reading Journal Template
Corporate responses
By; Chantal Bychok
Thesis of the reading (1-2 sentences):
Corporations have been at the heart of reshaping how society interacts with the
environment over the past century. A significant shift in perceptions about the
appropriate role for corporations in environmental protection which targets regulation and
activism to partners in clean technology innovation.
Argument 1 made in support of thesis (1-2 sentences)
Corporations vary in their awareness of climate change, their climate practices and
policies, in the motivations guiding their climate strategies, and in the meanings corporate
executives and others ascribe to their actions.
Argument 2 made in support of thesis (1-2 sentences—not necessary for all readings)
All corporate responses to climate change are due to real and/or perceived changes in
business environments, related to the direct and indirect effects of climate change. Direct
effects impinge on firm operations due to physical changes in the climate.
Summary of evidence supporting argument 1 (1-2 sentences)
In terms of a business, the most transformative category of business practice is the
development of new climatefriendly products and markets. Efforts to organize a
business voice on the climate issue date back to the late 1980s, with the formation of
several new business and industry NGOs and the constitution of climate groups within
established BINGOs.
Summary of evidence supporting argument 2 (1-2 sentences)
Differences in sector exposure to climate risks and in sector availability of business
opportunities provide a first-cut explanation of variation in corporate responses to climate
change. Emissions data offer a first metric for assessing corporate exposure to climate
Criticism of or question about the reading (1-2 sentences)
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