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Chapter 1

POLA02H3 Chapter Notes - Chapter 1: Dirty Diamonds, De Beers, List Of Colonial Governors Of Connecticut

Political Science
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Renan Levine

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POLA02 Winter 2015
Blood on the Stone: Greed, Corruption and War in the Global Diamond Trade by Ian Smillie
Chapter 1: Of Judgement and Cunning Work: Dirty Diamonds
-Illegal diamond smuggling  perennial problem that was turning into a massive drain on
competition in the industry
Diamond police force  International Diamond Security Organization (IDSO)  corrupt
Established own buying agents in Sierra Leone
Persuaded British colonial gov. to waive tight foreign exchange rules
Little medium-sized 'sh” “little” smugglers (not as corrupt)
“IDB illicit diamond buying
-Gem diamonds
Hedge against in+ation
-Industrial diamonds
Helped make weapons (i.e. Russian H-bombs), machine tools
Helped 'nance anti-west uprisings
-1990s  25 percent of world’s trade in rough diamonds infected by
Money laundering
Tax evasion
State collapse
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