POLB80H3 Chapter Notes - Chapter 1: Emerging Power, Economic Globalization, Global Politics

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Pg. 16 - Globalization widening, deepening, speeding of worldwide interconnectedness
- Hyperglobalists say globalization brings demise of sovereign nation-state
- Sceptics states, geopolitics principal agents and forces shaping world order
- Transformationalist global politics traditional distinction between domestic and international
affairs not meaningful
Making Sense of Globalization
- Instability in on region takes toll on jobs, production, savings, investment
- Collapse of US banks felt everywhere
- Transnational corporations 25% and 33% world output
Pg. 17 transnational issues has led to growth of transnational and global forums of rule-making and
regulation from G20 summits
Conceptualizing Globalization
Pg. 18 Globalization:
Stretching of social, political, economic activities
Intensification/growing magnitude
Accelerating pace of global interactions and processes, transportation, technology
Growing extensity, intensity, velocity of global interactions associated with
Globalism worldwide diffusion of very idea of globalization itself as it becomes
incorporated into the world’s many language
- Globalization capture dramatic shift in organization of human affairs
Structural change in scale of human social and economic organization
Organized on a transnational or global scale
- Time-space compression- shrinking world. Every local development may be traced to distant
condition or decisions
- Globalization process of deterritorialization social, political, economic activities stretched
across globe they no longer organized solely according to strict territorial logics (large
companies have HQ abroad)
- Exercise of power is declining
Pg. 19 territorial borders no longer demarcate boundaries of national economic or political space
- Shrinking world sites of power and the subjects of power may be continents apart
- Power is organized and exercised at distance
- States no longer monopoly of power resources
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