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16 Apr 2012

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Sylvester March 6 Reading-Development Studies compared to Post Colonial Studies
- This article aims to compare and contrast development studies with post colonial studies
- 2 bodies of literature that ignore ieach other’s missions, writings,
- The 2 fields have some areas of convergence
- Grounding in knowledge of the West (Development studies)
- Areas of divergence:
o Development studies does not listen to subalterns and post colonials are not as
concerned with whether subaltern is eating
- Post colonial studies criticized as failing to address issues of poverty, resource distribution, state
violence, human rights, etc.
- Development studies criticized as needing more epistemological reflection and more awareness
of power relations
- Some day dev. Studies is the last failed attempt of the ‘Enlightenment’ of Africa and Asia
- Dev studies is established both politically and academically with lots of internal debate. It isn’t
open ended . Highly influenced by Western Enlightenment thought. Development studies
constitutes of newly emerged bilateral, private, and multilateral, and academic agendas. It uses
historical demonstration of west as the blueprint. Dev studies is self unreflexive
- Dev studies consists of dependency theory tooall of those theories are technically in the same
boat (about industrialization , technological innovation, etc.
- Dev. Studies rooted in Amer/Euro centric history. Fails to recognize legacy of colonialism to the
greatest extent
- A new branch of post development (grassroots and local movements) is a step in the right
direction but still it can portray people as less complex than westerners.
- Post colonial studies rarely cites works of development studies
- Post colonial studies thinks development studies has fialed
- Post colonial studies allows 3rd world to refuce “fitting in” to its assumed role
o Turns the power problematic of decolonisaiton, rationality, and development upside
o Brings up ideas of imperialism and racism
- Post colonial studies is very young (about 20-25 years old)
o Tries to record history from the colonial receiving end’s perspective
o This camp features lots of different voices, Post colonial studies has theoretical richness,
and openness that Dev. Studies has lacked
- Development studies should include post colonial thought instead of excluding it
- Development studies should reach into 3rd world and find/analyse everyday post colonial
deprivation and desire.
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