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Political Science

Heard and Cohnat time of Confed prov given control over local hospitalsfeds were given resp over most imprt issuesprov had constitu resp but no fin abilityEI pensionsame w medicare feds arent invading prov resp rather feds welcomedmodern reality all issues discussed by both feds and provCans sys each prov design own sys w funding from fedsuniversality comprehensive accessibility portability public administrationprov already have great autonomyhard to argue for less fed involvementhealth care not possible wo fed ldshipprov reluctant to act ex prov allowed user fees affecting accessibilityCanada health act bans user fees health care is expensive Ottawa needs control to maintain compet adv fed funding allows for more equality across provsfed spending powersdoesnt interfere w prov ability to legislatePOGGcourts decided feds could pass laws in prov jurisdiction contradicts literal interpretationof national concernhealth careaccess for all is vital to Cdn societyauthor states criminal law as example p 111 but just because co
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