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Political Science

Running head: THE CRITICAL BOOK THE NAKED CITY BY SHARON ZUKIN 1 The Critical Book the Naked City by Sharon Zukin Name Institution THE CRITICAL BOOK THE NAKED CITY BY SHARON ZUKIN 2 The Critical Book the Naked City by Sharon Zukin Introduction The book sends a message to the readers that, Education received by the inhabitants of the cities have change lives in the urban neighborhoods to authentic urban lives. She describes the contemporary urban as having aging buildings, small boutiques, art galleries, upscale food markets, funky ethnic restaurants, neighborhood old-timers, and old shop owned by the family (Zukin, 2010, 30). The gentrified of cities is to achieve authentic place and brand standardization of the exurbs and suburbs. The book depicts a city whose rapid growth and expensive demands to be driven by its authenticity. This is well-supported author’s argument that the escalating prices of the real states, expensive stores, and adhered monitoring of its urban streetscapes (Zukin, 2010, 105). Moreover, as she argues, the introduction of these features has changed the city and has driven out the exact people who made the neighborhood to its authentic aura: the working class, artists, and immigrants. Therefore, the book can be seen as driving the conflict between the contemporary and the gentrified neighborhoods’ social and economic lifestyle, which is well argued by the author. Additionally, each generation has its own way of life, and whether the author are for or opposed to the idea, there is a change in life style whenever a new generation is born (Zukin, 2010, 291). Therefore, well states that the conflict in lifestyle exhibited in the theme of this book is bound to be, as it is with the current generation transition and coming generations. Summary Zukin shows that the transformation that is being witnessed was expected to be, especially among Jane Jacob supporters. Moreover, it typically gives people of the neighborhoods as sense of place they are living; however, by informing them that the elites drive THE CRITICAL BOOK THE NAKED CITY BY SHARON ZUKIN 3 the distinctiveness of the neighborhood, and they use it as an economic tool to drives the values of real estates (Zukin, 2010, 259). The author has the view that New York City has been tremendously transformed in the past years from a contemporary town to a gentrified city. The transformation herein is not only pegged on structures but also culture. It is a fact that the cultural practices among the neighborhood have worsened. To understand into details the some factors and features that have been greatly influenced generational changes it would be good you read for yourself. Crucial conclusion The author provides an understanding of how cities development is rooted from its own unique authenticity which based on the preexistence of the cultural, social and capitalist movement which imposes on structuring the cities. The author’s argument in this book is that as people who are dwelling with in an urban neighborhood area they should not exploit the power to control over their own urban spaces but instead utilizing the city’s authenticity as a tool that is a natural and cultural form of power. Authenticity is understood in a matter of where cities that is old and has small boutique shops, cafes, retail stores, and old-fashioned buildings. These old villages should be preserved , and must be maintained to express and display its city’s historical uniqueness of the city. Therefore, the author provides a good qualititave research study by visiting different cities, demonstrates how much of observation and historical comparison has been taken into account and was well described in the book. In addition, the book expresses that the authenticity is losing its qualities within the city, and is targeting to suggest ideas on how to restructure it back. Due to high demands of transforming of an old town to a highly developed commercialized urban city, forces the first comers of residents like working and lower class, immigrants and refugees, seniors, and talented THE CRITICAL BOOK THE NAKED CITY BY SHARON ZUKIN 4 artists to migrate away from their own original home and welcomes the high class, tourists and special well known celebrities. However, near end of the book the author briefly states how the government role was the key to maintain the authenticity. The government is expected to encourage a democratic government, creating new private-publ
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