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Political Science
Jennifer Levine

Chapter 22 - The Bureaucracy Functions and powers of the bureaucracy  The traditional function is that of policy implementation- that is, administering policies established by the prime minister, cabinet, and parliament  It also equally involved in the function of policy making  Look up on Wikipedia cuz book doesn’t describe it too well Government departments  Government departments are created and reorganized by acts of parliament, which also set out the responsibilities of each  But the prime minister and cabinet can even transfer responsibilities from one department to another  Ministers are responsible for their department, so they get most of the credit, or they get most of the fault  The more permanent head of the department is the deputy minister. He/she is appointed by the PM  Deputy ministers have two primary roles: o Act as chief policy adviser to the minister o Function as managers of the department; they not the minister, run the department  This raises the question as to whether the DMs are the ones who should be responsible for the departamental mistakes  It is the function of the estimates system to decide how such funds will be allocated in any fiscal year  The estimates documents provide more than just the amount of money that each department and agency plans to spend in the next fiscal year: they are a valuable source of information on departmental plans and priorities and also contain departmental performance reports  Ministers and leading departmental officials do not interact only with other ministers and other officials within the federal government  Two other common forms of interaction are with the provinces and with external policy advisers and advocates of the public  The second most important form of bureaucratic organization is the crown corporation  These are government-own
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