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Political Science
Jennifer Levine

Chapter 15: Parties, Voting, and the Election Campaign The national party campaign Party headquarters and pre-writ preparations  Just basically highlights the fact that some parties call elections early; before their four year term  They do this when they think they can catch the opposition off-guard  And also headquarters during an election help to communicate with other party candidates on a daily basis Election strategy  Election strategy involves deciding which groups within the electorate are to be targeted; whether to emphasize the leader or issues, and if the latter, which issues; and whether to mount an offensive or defensive campaign  Strategists determine the itinerary of the leader’s tour, the content and style of the party’s ads, and where extra efforts will be concentrated  Also takes interest in when to replace ads with new ones Election platform  Its on pg 373, dont fucking get it  I think its just basically what the party leaders and parties themselves use as their “Selling-point” during the election The leader’s tour  Straightforward; just simply the party leader going around the country to try and gain national media coverage Media coverage  Just simply making the point that media can be biased (think newspaper), and therefore parties may not all get equal amount of coverage by the media National media advertising  The purchase of broadcast time is regulated by the Elections Act  It requires each broadcaster to make available, for purchase by registered political parties, six and one-half hours of prime time during the elections campaign  Again this section doesn’t really say much ; just cites some famous election ads The leaders’ debates  These debates are one of the few opportunities where the public can see the prime minister act on his own essentially, because there’s no chance for much previous preparation to go into this The Local Candidate Campaign Nomination  At the local level, each party’s first priority is the nomination of its candidate  Nominating candidates is one of the most important functions of political parties  Although it is generally a wide-open opportunity for ordinary people to participate and influence the direction of the political s
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