POLA51 Chapter 1 Brooks Notes

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Political Science
James Mc Allister

POLA51 Notes Chapter 1 Politics The activity by which rival claims by public authorities are settled Power The ability to influence what happens It may assume various forms including coercion influence persuasion and authorityCoercion Form of power based on the use ofthreat or powerInfluence The ability of A to convince B that a particular action is reasonable or otherwise in Bs best interests Authority Recognition on the part of the compliant party that the person or organization issuing a command has the right to do soshould be obeyed LockeEaston believe that what is distinctive about politics is the association of this activity with a system of settling disputes that is both public and binding on the whole community Marxist disagree thoughMarxism A framework for interpreting and explaining politics and society that sees class divisions as the fundamental basis of conflict in society and associates politics with a pervasive pattern of domination by those who own and control the means of creating and distributing wealth over those who do not For Marxist politics is fundamentally about how inequalities are generated and reinforcedthough the power relations that exist between classesgender groups at all levels of societyThe stru
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