POLA51 Chapter 3 Brooks Notes

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Political Science
James Mc Allister

POLA51 Chapter 3 Notes Roughly 3 million Canadians fall beneath the poverty line according to Stats CanadaTwo of the groups most likely to be at risk in terms of falling under the Poverty Line are Native Canadians and Women No solid answer for why but few contributing causes are clear Native CanadianAboriginal Canadians are affected by discrimination and low levels of education explain their high jobless rate and lower incomes WomenWomen are affected by factors of single parent mothers with children under the age of 18 and unattached womenSegregated to lowerpaying occupations and the greater number of women than men who work parttime One of the important dimensions of equality and one of the chief influences on it is Socioeconomic Mobility Refers to the ability of individuals families and groups to move from SocioEconomic Mobilityone social or economic position to another When the mobility is high movement up and dow
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