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Political Science
James Mc Allister

POLA51 Brooks Chapter 15 First wave of the womens movement beginning in the late 1800s and the objectives of this movement focused on extending voting rights to women and on legal and social reforms geared towards the protection of the family and traditional values Theses arguments formed the basis of social feminism or maternal feminismNotable leaders of the feminists movement such as Nellie McClung used both contemporary sound and maternal feminism arguments in demanding the vote and social reformsJohn Stuart Mill commented on the hypocrisy of societys attitudes on woman stating it is necessary to society that women should marry and produce children They will not do so unless they are compelled therefore it is necessary to compel them UnderRepresentation of Women Women constitute about 52 of the Cdn population and a slightly larger percentage of the electorate Only 1 Cdn PM Kim Campbell and 3 Provincial Premiers RJohnsonBC CClarkBC CCallbeckPEI In 1989 NDP was the first major political party to elect a woman as its leader Overall about 40 of federally appointed judges 353 of 863 as of 2010 are women Women account for 30 of senior management personnel in the federal public service 1 quarter of senior position in federal crowns were held by women as of 2008 The Higher The Fewer Sylvia Baskevkins characterization of the fact that although female participation levels in politics are about the same as mens for activities like voting and campaigning the proportion of women tends to decrease as the political activity becomes more demanding such as holding office in a political party or being a candidate for public office This gap has narrowed over time but still existsThe subordination marginalization of status in politics operate in two levelsPsychological the consciousness that is likely to be produced by the traditional roles of mother and homemaker is not likely to generate the motivations interest and personal resources for political activismStatusProfessional Achievements The traditional sexual division of household labour still places limits on womens opportunities for political participation that men are less likely to experience
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