Should we take global governance seriously

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Political Science
Wiafe- Amaoko

Should we take global governance seriously John R Bolton the debate between Americanists and GlobalistsAside NATO North Atlantic Treaty Org I Introduction Trends in global governance Do they threaten American sovereigntyTwo factionsparties in America1 Americanist minority highly educated they know what global governance is and why it is desirable academics media conferences humanitarians permanent government circleeven White House theyre uneasy with the dominance of capitalism as an economic philosophy and individualism as a political philosophy their agendastatist worldwide rather than national level 2 Globalist majority everyone else in the US has no clue whatever global governance is does not think about or define global governance reject government governance theyre comfortable with capitalism and individualism a little recognized abroad Between eliteglobalist counterparts Americanistmass political opinionsGlobalist Europeans will empathize the elite Author John Bolton Americanist His thesis not like the days before Globalists have now seized more opportunities over Americanists provided by the end of the Cold War to advance their agenda Globalists have been advancing while the Americanists have slept Americanists find themselves surrounded by small armie
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