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Pg 17: absolute poverty is a standard of living so pressing that it brings with it life-threatening malnutrition and disease, includes lack of income, low life expectancy, adult illiteracy, under- weight children, inadequate housing, child labor, food insecurity and lack of access to safe water/health services/sanitation Pg 22: 50 years ago, Korea and Taiwan had roughly the same standards of living as Kenya and India, but today they are worlds apart 23: Newly Industrialized Countries (NICs) rd 24: In the 3 world as a whole, production of goods an services grew at a rate or 4.2% a year be- tween 1975 and 2003 67: almost every area of what we now think of as a third world was under the direct authority of an imperial power or as subject to indirect control 72: mid-Victorian imperialism was “trade with informal control if possible; trade with rule when necessary” New imperialism was quick, explosive and competitive 78: the fundamental cause of imperialism lies in the existence of unequal power; strong powers have always dominated the weak. Unequal power can be traced to the uneven development of technology th 79: the new imperialism of the late 19 century, which involved competition among many coun- tries, followed from the fact that the other countries caught up with Britain technologically, the new imperialism resulted from some particular feature of mature capitalism 82: one of the most powerful tools of cultural disruption that the imperialists brought with them was their Christian religion 88: Canada fit into the imperialist economic mode because it produced primary products for ex- port to Europe and imported European manufactured goods 138: one feature all nationalist and revolutionary movements shared was a concern for identity. Imperialism had shorn away the dignity of third world peoples; nationalism was in part a yearn- ing to recover it 141: millions of people in third world countries had come to see the imperialists as responsible for their miseries; they consequently expected their burdens to be lightened with independence 217: foreign aid has
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