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University of Toronto Scarborough
Political Science
Genevieve Dewar

September 18, 2012: Chapter 1 Introduction :  A lot of poor people live in third world countries like Asia, Africa, and Latin America. o The living standards were below that of the industrialized countries. o Lack of clothing, nutrition, and shelter o More prone to disease o They are insecure  Third world countries undergo rapid and sometimes chaotic social change  populations are growing and becoming more urbanized  Modern technology has go to the third world and transformed production  Education at all levels are spreading  Lives of third world people are changing, but not improving for the majority. Changing means, that countries and regions have progressed with economic conditions, and human and politics rights are respected. o Example East Asia  Third world people are really poor and the promises for social changes were never kept o The dreams of indthendence, comfortable life, security, and human rights were betrayed in the 20 century o In Europe and North America, expectations were infinite because of the results of the industrial revolution  brought comfort and opulence to ordinary people. o Russian revolution in the second decade, promised to overthrow oppression and create new society in which the human personality would be free to flourish. o John. F. Kennedy brought to the Western world a sense of limitlessness, and a generation of young people committed to themselves to remaking their societies. o Science and technology developed and created hope of prosperity for the entire world.  WHAT MARKED THESE MOMENTS WAS A SENSE OF FREEDOM, THE COLLAPSE OF THE PAST’S BOUNDARIES. o Even though all of this was promised, the world wars during that era caused more harm than improvements. Science wisdom went overboard and caused harm (nuclear technology).  This was the betrayal of the promise of progress. th  The victory of poverty in the 20 century was brought by Europe, North America, New Zealand, Australia, and Japan, who reduced poverty considerably in their societies. The people were able to live comfortably with good health and security, and were also able to afford some luxuries. o Even with this, majority of the third world countries remained poor.  Promises that once been made have not been fulfilled in much of the world. 2 major promises have been violated. o Made by the leaders of the nationa
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