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Political Science
R Rice

CORNWALLWHOSE VOICES WHOSE CHOICESGender and Participatory Development Participation appeasr to offer the prospect of giving everyone who has a stake a voice and a choice But communitydriven development participatory planning and other finesounding initiatives that make claims of full participation and empowerment can turn out to be driven by particular gendered interests leaving the least powerful without voice or much in the way of choice Participation has become development orthodoxy Holding out the promise of inclusion of creating spaces for the less vocal and powerful to exercise their voices and begin to gain more choices participatory approaches would appear to offer a lot to those struggling to bring about more equitable development Participatory development has generally like WID pursued the liberal project of inserting participatory practices of various kinds into conventionaldevelopment activities mostly taking the shape of enlistment in consultation and implementation CohenUphoff 1980 Cornwall 2000a Alternative approaches from peoples selfdevelopmentRahman 1995 to a more recent focus on peoples participation in development as makers and shapers rather than users and choosers of development initiatives affecting their lives CORNWALL GENDER CornwallGaventa 2001 participatory development are about inclusion but on terms and within the parameters set by prevailing constructions of development assistance Both lentand continue to lendthems
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