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Political Science
Susan Solomon

1 Political Science A81F Leaving Home 2010 Professor Susan Solomon B564, Telephone: 416-287-7300 Office hours: Tuesday 9:30-11:00 1:30-3:00 e-mail:[email protected] I. Introduction September 14 II. Thinking Conceptually September 21 Albert O. Hirschman, Exit, Voice, Loyalty (1970), 1-5; 14-20; 21-25; 30-43; 76- 83; 92-105. Rogers Brubaker, “Frontier Theses: Exit, Voice and Loyalty in East Germany,” Migration World, XVIII, 3-4. September 28 *Judith Shklar, "Obligation, Loyalty, Exile," Political Theory 21, no. 2 (May 1993), 181-197. *Wole Soyinka speaks on exile at Jaipur Literary Festival, 2 III. Forced Migration and Return: Dilemmas of Identity October 5: *David Torton, “Conceptualising Forced Migration”. RSC Working Paper 12, Working Paper Series. Queen Elizabeth House, International Development Centre, University of Oxford (October 2003). *Cyprian F. Fisiy, “Of Journeys and Border Crossings: Return of Refugees, Identity, and Reconstruction in Rwanda,” African Studies Review 41, 1 (1998), 17-28. *Forced Migration Review 21 (2004) “Home for Good” Anne Davis, “Restitution of land and property rights”, p. 12 Rhodri Williams, “Post Conflict Property restitution in Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina: legal rationale and practical implications p. 15 October 12: *Barbara Einhorn. “Gender, Nation, Landscape and Identity in Narratives of Exile and Return,” Women’s Studies International Forum vol 23 no 6, pp. 701-713. v23i0006/701_gnlaiinoear&form=pdf&file=file.pdf “Ursula,” in Ursula Hegi, Tearing the Silence (1997), 29-52. Film: Europa/Europa (Poland, 1990) Library Circulation Desk . 3 IV. Between Home and Diaspora: Chinese Emigration October 19 *Jen Sookfong Lee, The End of East (2007) No tutorials this week October 26 *Janet Salaff and Siu-lun Wong, "Exiting Hong Kong: Social Class Experiences and the Adjustment to 1997," in Ronald Skeldon, ed., Emigration from Hong Kong: Tendencies and Impacts (1995), 177-213; 249-264. *Pal, Nyirir “Expatriating is
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