International Migration

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Political Science
Theofanis Verinakis

International Migration 196596An OverviewInternational Migration at a Global levelthy The late 20 century was consideredthe age of migration o In the 1960s many key countries freed the movement of people as well as permitted the acceptance of legal migrants o The European Union was a key aspiration of movement o The commercial airplane made traveling and migration faster and cheaper o The estimation of International migration at a global level is not possibleThis is because not all countries collect data that is efficient to the research y In other words in terms of both the number of international migrants and their share of the total population countries have become more diverse since 1965 and the number hosting either sizable migrant population or migrant population representing a significant portion of the total has increased y In 1965 the 44 countries with the largest numbers of international migrants accounted for 90 percent of the migrant stock worldwide The same percentage was then spread out into 55 countries y More countries became a significant destination and attractions for migrants y Every country in the world has migrants from a recent era y Skeldon o Characterized migration in terms of countri
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