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Political Science
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Waldemar Skrobacki

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Chapter 30 Human Rights y The end of the second world war there was growing governmental and civil society reflection and activity that led to the UN creating the Universal Declaration of Human RightsDec 10 is Human Rights Day y International regime a set of principles norms rules and decision making procedures that states and other international actors accept as authoritative in an issue area y The global human rights regime is based on strong and widely accepted principles and norms but very weak mechanisms of international implementationy The Charter of the United Nations signed in 1945 identified promoting respect for human rights as one of the principal objectives of the new organization y The Universal Declaration of Human Rights a list of internationally recognized human rights are interdependent and indivisible human rights accepted as authoritative by most states and other international actorsy Two rights that are considered in international law to be indivisible civil and political rights AND economic social and cultural rightsy Civil and Political Rights provide legal protections against abuse by the state and they seek to ensure political participation for all citizenso Examples include equality before the law protection against arbitrary arrest and detention and freedoms of
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