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Textbook Notes for Michael Krashinsky

UTSCPSYA01H3Michael KrashinskyFall

Lecture 2-Social Cognition.ppt

OC5499245 Page
28 Feb 2013
How we perceive, process and think about the social world. Social object: are bound by the laws of physics, but other forces that motivates it (such as
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UTSCPSYA01H3Michael KrashinskyFall

PSYA01H3 Chapter Notes - Chapter 4: Retinal Ganglion Cell, Detection Theory, Occipital Lobe

OC5499215 Page
19 Mar 2013
Synesthesia: the perceptual experience of one sense that is evoked by another sense. Example: seeing a poster of jb makes me throw up (no offence to. 4
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