PSYA01H3 Chapter Notes -Daniel Schacter, Auditory Cortex, Temporal Lobe

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6 Nov 2011

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In 1949, donald hebb suggested that the brain remembers info in 2 different ways- called. In speech, it holds a representation of the initial sound until the entire word has been heard. Short-term/working memory: short-term/working memory, info can enter short-term memory from either sensory memory or long term, represents a sort of behaviour that takes place within our heads. Gstcbcrcmp or gst, cbc, rcmp: the total amount of information we store in short-term memory depends on the particular rules we use to organize it. If the information can be organized in a more meaningful sequence, there is less to remember: baddeley suggested that working memory consists of several components, all coordinated by a central executive function. Caused by damage to wernickle"s and broca"s areas: working memory is like a juggler trying to maintain several balls in the air. As long as the juggler works actively at catching and throwing the balls, they don"t fall and hit the ground (decay).