PSYA01H3 Chapter Notes -Visual Agnosia, Circadian Rhythm, Medium Frequency

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6 Nov 2011

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Consciousness as a social phenomenon: historically, there have been 3 positions on the nature of consciousness science/nature. Caused by damage to the visual cortex: our ability to communicate provides us with self-awareness. Ex. we feel sorry because we cry, angry because we strike, afraid because we tremble: readiness potential: the electrical brain activity of the motor cortex prior to the movement. It precedes a person"s awareness of the intention to act: lateralized readiness potential: measures activity specific to the side where the movement occurs, our brain must bind together the experience of voluntary movement with its external consequences. Perhaps this binding process helps us recognize the external events that are consequences of our behaviour. Selective attention: selective attention: determines which events we become consciousness of (particular stimuli or stimuli in a particular location). When we fail to attend to a feature, we don"t encode it and cant recognize it when it changes.