PSYA01H3 Chapter 9: Chapter 9 Notes

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first position on consciousness is that it is not a natural phenomenon and that it is supernatural and miraculous not to be understood by human mind. second position is tha consciousness is natural phenomenon but also that we cannot understand it for various reasons exists because of nature of human brain. do not have methods to study it yet. third position is that consciousness is produced by activity of brain and that we should be optimistic about our ability to understand it (hebb) consciousness is awareness of processes in brain, not processes themselves. consciousness does not exist humans have ability to be conscious. most likley explanation for consciousness lies in its relation to deliberate, symbollic communicaion our ability to communicate (words, signs, other symbollic meaning) provides us with self-awareness --> social phenomenon (like communication) through communicating symbolically we can express our needs, thoughts, perceptions, memories, intentions, and feelings to other people.