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Chapter 3: Evolution, Heredity, and Behaviour
Psychology is the study of human behaviour
A lot of human behaviour can be traced back to issues in context from many
years ago and we still carry these issues forward.
People behave as they will.
Behaviour that result in genetic code being passed on will become more
The more genetic info you pass on the more influence.
Ultimate causes- behaviors that carry on from a long time ago women are
attracted to big strong men
Proximate causes- things that relate more to the immediate environment- women
attracted to the money makers, ie) Bill Gates
Darwin is noted as the father of evolution but there was a lot of notions in
geology and Darwin had this in mind when he came up with his idea of evolution.
Survival of the Fittest- those who fit best with their environment are the best
to survive.
Artificial Selection breeding two thoroughbreds picked to breed together to
produce the fastest colt
Artificial Selection allowed people to be able to pick certain traits and personality
and style.
Natural Selection- not a random selection- one animal or person looks for
certain traits in its mate.
Helps carry on certain traits in a species
Began collecting data to support his theory of natural selection but did not
publish his ideas or data for 20 years until prompted by finding out that
somebody named Wallace had a similar theory
Ended up publishing a book together.
Premises of Evolution
the creation of the human form, we came to be the way we are through a gradual
no static world, the world is always changing
similarities of the whale fin to the human hands and feet.
The variability you see with your eyes is not always the genetic make up
Alcoholism- if the grandfather and the father have it then the son will have a
genetic pre disposition towards alcohol, this does not say they will become an
alcoholic but they have a greater chance to turn to alcohol when it is present
Genetics and Heredity
Genetics did not exist when Darwin came up with his theory of evolution
Heredity is a very general term
Genetics refers to a much more specific process
People are not born with a blank slate, they are already born with a genetic
Everyone has varying resistances to chemical because of the variability produced
by reproduction
Variability is good but also bad.
Depending on the genes you have depends on how you taste things or see
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