PSYA01H3 Chapter Notes - Chapter 1: Experimental Psychology, Psychodynamics, Gestalt Psychology

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31 May 2012

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The concept of intelligence is like the concept of magic , it only holds any validity when we don"t know how it"s done. Early in human history, humans would attribute souls or wills to almost anything a behaviour termed animism . In fact, we still fall into those habits today: Zippy & ralph (cars that the prof. named) However, once we understand the true causes of certain events the attribution of a soul often disappears. Believed that the human body, and many of its responses, could be thought of as a highly complex machine; thought of the body as a science. However, descartes also believed that humans possess a soul and free will a concept called dualism (much of us is machine, but this machine is controlled by a soul) He believed only the human being has a soul animals do not have souls, they are totally machines. Psychology has parents the father (philosophy) and a mother (biology)