PSYA01H3 Chapter Notes - Chapter 5: Basilar Membrane, Blood Vessel, Bangli Regency

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28 Apr 2011

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Sensation (simple sensation): detection of elementary/simple properties of stimuli (brightness, colour, warmth, sweetness) Perception (complex perception): detection of objections (both animate& inanimate), their locations, mvments, & background/ nature that involves learning. Belief: perceptions depend on learning vs sensation involves innate prewired physiological mechanisms. **in order for us to know what"s going on in the outside; specific actions are required in order to see & understand the outside world. This info is gathered by sense organs located outside the brain. Task of sense organ: transmit single to brain then the brain does it job to analyze the info and reconstruct what occurred. Sense organs detect stimuli (light, sound, odour, taste) stimuli info transmit to brain through neural impulses axn potential. Example: you rub your eye, then you mechanically stimulate the light receptors that are in the eye area: definition: a means by which the nervous system represents information, different features are coded by the activity of different neurons.