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Chapter 9

PSYA02H3 Chapter Notes - Chapter 9: Fluid And Crystallized Intelligence, Stereotype Threat, Anthropometry

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Donald Kyle Danielson

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Chapter 9: Intelligence Testing
What are anthropometrics?
Methods of measuring physical and mental variation in humans.
What is intelligence?
The ability to think,, understand, reason and adapt to or overcome obstacles.
What is mental age?
The average intellectual ability score for children of a specific age.
What is the Stanford-Binet test
A test intended to measure innate levels of intelligence.
What is the intelligence quotient (IQ)?
IQ is alulated y takig a perso’s etal age, diidig it y his chronicle age, and then
multiplying it by 100.
What is the deviation IQ?
The deiatio IQ is alulated y oparig the perso’s test sore ith the aerage
score for people of the same age.
What is the Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale (WAIS)?
The most common intelligence test and used today for adolescents and adults.
What is Raven’s Progressive Matrices?
A itelligee test that is ased o pitures, ot ords that’s akig it relatiely
unaffected by language or cultural background.
What is the eugenics?
The deteriatio of good gees
What is a stereotype threat?
Occurs when negative stereotypes about a group cause group members to
underperform on our ability test.
What is an entity theory?
The belief that intelligence is a fixed characteristic and relatively difficult (or impossible)
to change.
What is an incremental theory?
The believe that intelligence can be shaped by experiences, practice, and effort.
What is a savant?
An individual with a low mental capacity in most domains but extraordinary abilities and
other specific areas such as music, mathematics, or art.
What is the general intelligence factor?
A perso’s etal eergy. Refletig his eliee that soe people’s rais are siply
more powerful than others.
What is fluid intelligence?
A type of intelligence used in learning new information and solving your problems not
based on knowledge the person already possesses.
What is crystallized intelligence?
A type of intelligence that draws upon past learning and experience.
What is the triarchic theory of intelligence?
A theory that divides intelligence into three distinct types: analytical, practical, and creative.
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