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Chapter 10-13

Chapter 10-13 All Definitions

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Chapter 10- Language
Key Terms:
Language universal: characteristic feature found that in all natural
Chapter 11- Intelligence and Thinking
Key Terms:
Stanford-Binet Scale: an intelligence test that consists of various tasks
groups according to mental ages; provides the standard measure of the
intelligence quotient
Intelligence quotient (IQ): simplified single measure of general
intelligence; ration of a persons mental age to his or her chronological age,
multiplied by 100; often derived by other formulas
Criterion: an independent measure of a variable being assessed
Mental retardation: mental development that is substantially below normal;
often caused by some form of brain damage or abnormal brain development
Fetal alcohol syndrome: a disorder that adversely affects an offsprings
brain development that is caused by the mothers alcohol intake during
Concept: a category of objects or situations that share some common
Formal concept: a category of objects or situations defined by listing their
common essential characteristics, as dictionary definitions do
Natural concept: a category of objects or situations based on peoples
perceptions and interactions with things in the world; based on exemplars
Exemplar: a memory of particular examples of objects or situations that are
used as the basis of classifying objects or situations into concepts
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