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Chapter 11

Chapter 11

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Psychology Chapter 12 Intelligence and Thinking
Theories of Intelligence
Spearmans two factor theory
-proposed that a persons performance on a test of intellectual ability is determined by 2
1) G Factor – general factor
-has 2 qualitative principles of cognition
-apprehension of experience, eduction of relations, eduction of correlates
-good tests use all 3
2) S factor – specific to a particular test
Evidence from Factor Analysis
-developed by Person and Spearman
Factor Analysis - statistical procedure that identifies common factors amongst groups of
tests (groups them together)
-provides clues as to the nature of intelligence, but no theory on intelligence
An Information processing theory of Intelligence – will have to identify an example of
the intelligences’ for the exam
-developed by Sterberg
-degree of success in is affected by the extent to which they manage their strengths and
It is a Tri-archic Theory of Intelligence
-deals with analytical intelligence, creative intelligence, and practical intelligence
Successful Intelligence - the ability to….
a)Analyze ones strengths and weaknesses
b) Use strengths to the greatest advantage
c)Minimize impact of weakness by overcoming or compensating
Composed of…
Analytical Intelligence - mental mechanisms people use to plan and execute tasks,
which components serve 3 purposes/functions
a)Metacomponents – process by which people decide the nature of an intellectual
problem, select a strategy for solving it, and allocate thehir resources, this decision
is controlled by a metacomponent of intelligence (Time management for reading)
b) Performance components – process used to perform the task (Knowing how to
c)Knowledge acquisition components – used to gain new knowledge, sift out
relevant info and integrate it with what you know
Creative Intelligence - ability to deal effectively with novel situations and to solve
familiar problems automatically (Novel tasks, and automated tasks)
Practical Intelligence - intelligence reflecting the behaviours that were subject to natural
selection in our evolution theory, it takes 3 forms
a)Adaptation : consists of fitting onself into ones environment by developing useful
skills and behaviours (adapting to environment)

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