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Chapter 4

Chapter 4 - Biology of Behaviour

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Steve Joordens

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Chapter 4 Biology of Behaviour Brain and its Components Contains 10-100 billion nerve cells, many helper cells (care for support and house-keeping functions) Donald Hebb thought nerve cells were organized into larger subunits to generate higher processes such as thinking Structure of Nervous System Central Nervous System (CNS): Brain and Spine Spinal Cord: Long, thin collection of nerve cells attached to base of brain and running the length of the spinal column, covered by a vertebrae (one of the bones that encases the spinal cord and constitutes the bertebral column) Brain and spinal cord are covered by meninges (3-layered set of membranes that enclose the brain and spinal cord) disease meningitis, brain and spinal cord float on cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) (Liquid where the CNS floats on and provides shock-absorbing cushion) Transfer of chemical is the blood-brain barrier (barrier between blood and brain produced by capillary cells that prevent some substances from entering the brain) CNS consists of grey matter (parts of CNS that are abundant in cell bodies of neurons rather than axons) and white matter (parts of CNS that are abundant in axons rather than neurons)) Brain has 3 functions: controlling behaviour, processing and retaining information, regulating processes, has 3 parts: 1. Brain Stem: Stem of brain that controls physiological functions and automatic behaviours, the 3 parts are: Medulla: Closest to the spinal cord, controls vital functions such as heart rate and blood pressure Pons: Anterior (front) to medulla. Involved in sleep control Midbrain: Anterior to pons; involved in control of fighting and sexual behaviour and sensitivity to pain 2. Cerebral Hemisphere: Largest part of the brain that is covered by cerebral cortex and contains parts of the brain that evolved most recently, covered by cerebral cortex (outer layer of cerebral hemisphere, approx. 3mm thick) - Organization of Cerebral Cortex: Anterior: Toward the front www.notesolution.com
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