PSYB01H3 Chapter Notes - Chapter 3: Belmont Report, American Psychological Association, Stanley Milgram

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Milgram"s obedience experiment: stanley milgram conducted a series of experiments to study the phenomenon of obedience to authority. He placed an ad in the newspaper offering to pay . 50 to males to participate in a study of memory and learning . In reality, it was an experiment to see how much of a shock participants would administer to mr. This study received a great deal of publicity and has been applied to many instances, such as the holocaust. The belmont report: current ethical guidelines for both behavioral and medical researchers have their origins in the belmont report: ethical principles and guidelines for the. Some potentially stressful research procedures are as follows: Physical harm: procedures that could cause potential harm to a participant are rare, but exist nonetheless. Usually there is a debriefing following the study that is designed to address and potential problems that may arise during the research.