PSYB01H3 Chapter Notes - Chapter 3: Belmont Report, Institutional Review Board, Milgram Experiment

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28 Nov 2011

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Psychologist is interested in the question of whether people learn better when they are punished for making a mistake. As you increase the severity of the shocks you hear grunts and painful groans at high levels from the learner. Ethical research practises beings with the recognition that our research procedures involve people who deserve as much respect for their well-being as we do. Nurenburg war crimes trials: exposed horrific medical experiments conducted by nazi doctors and others in the name of science in the 1970"s. Tuskegee syphlilis study: collected data to learn about the natural course of the, many participants were not informed of their illness and illness were denied treatment until 1972, even though a cure was available in 1950s. The belmont report human subjects: established three basic principles for the protection of. Beneficence minimize harm and maximize benefits.