PSYB30H3 Chapter 1: Chapter 1 Studying The Person - chapter notes

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17 Feb 2012

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Dispositional traits: y the goal of personality psychology is to construct a scientific account of psychological individuality. People have a good basic understanding of their basic traits. If you want to fill in more details we need to go beyond the dispositional traits. Integrative life narratives: y what we re missing is what that persons life means. What does their life overall meant to them. y these sorts of questions about a person are questions of identify. y. Where they stand on dispositional traits that speak to tendencies in behaviour across situations and over time, 2. How they confront and adapt to motivational, cognitive and developmental tasks and concerns that are contextualized in place, time and role and 3. What kind of identity they construct through stories about the self. Induction happens where the scientist moves from concrete and particular events to abstract and general representations of those events.