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15 Apr 2012
1. Social cognitive approaches to personality theories and conceptions of personality that
emphasize the extent to which human beings are information processing systems who use
schemas, beliefs, values, expectancies, and other cognitive constructs to guide their behavior in
the social world.
2. Personal constructs- Kelly's concept of the characteristic way of construing how some things are
alike in some things are different from each other.
3. Range of convenience- Kelly's concept of the extent to which a given personal construct is likely
to guide a person's interpretation of events in the behavior he or she is likely to show.
4. Role construct repertory test- Kelly's test designed to explore personal constructs in people's
5. Cognitive styles- characteristic and typically preferred modes of processing information, such as
field independence dependence and integrative complexity.
6. Field dependence/field-dependence- a general dimension of cognitive style ranging from highly
analytical and differentiated processing of information [field independence] to highly
contextual and global processing [field dependence].
7. Embedded figure test- test the field independence/field dependence in which a person
attempts to find forms hidden in an embedded field.
8. Integrative complexity- the extent to which a person sees and interprets events in a
differentiated and integrated way.
9. Social intelligence- each person set of skills, abilities, knowledge about social situations.
10. Procedural knowledge- various competencies, strategies, rules that enable the person to form
impressions of others, make attributions, encode and retrieve memories, and predict social
11. Relational schemas- the cognitive structure representing regularities and patterns of
interpersonal relationships. As an important aspect of declarative semantic knowledge in
social intelligence, relational schemas include important information about what to expect when
interacting with certain people and, therefore, serve as cognitive maps in navigating the social
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