PSYB30H3 Chapter Notes - Chapter 11: Factor Analysis, Job Performance, Extraversion And Introversion

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Chapter 11 factor analytic, genetic and evolutionary theories. Recognize the importance of heredity and the environment. Personality is what permits the prediction of what one will do in a given situation. R = f(p,s) where a response (r) is a function (f) of the person (p) and the stimuli (s) Freud developed his theory to understand the self but cattell developed his to predict behaviour. Cattell unlike allport was interested in the neurological components that influence behaviours, he did not maintain that the traits had any real physical or neural status. Surface traits are overt behaviours that appear together. Source traits are underlying variables that determine surface traits: this is valuable because. Knowledge of source traits can permit predictions. 16 basic source traits he called the building blocks of personality. Primary tool was factor analysis: begin with gathering large mass of data from many sources, make a correlational matrix by finding a correlational coefficient for each variable to.