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Chapter 1.3 - 1.4

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Konstantine Zakzanis
1.3 - 1.4

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1.3 Current Attitudes toward ppl w/ Psych'ical Disorders
Schizophrenia - a group of psychotic disorders characterized by major disturbances in thought,
emotion, and behaviour; disordered thinking where ideas aren't logically related; faulty
perception and attention; bizarre disturbances in motor activity; flat/inappropriate emotions; and
reduced tolerance for stress in interpersonal [relationships w/ ppl] relations [person is less tolerant
- meaning more easily stressed out in interpersonal relationships].
o The patient withdraws from ppl and reality - often into a fantasy life of delusions and
Stereotyping - a fixed belief about a negative generalization to a group/class of ppl/
o Members of the general group often endorse negative beliefs about mentally ill ppl, and
thus engage in stereotyping.
Stigmatization - a reduction in the status of a group of ppl - such as mentally ill ppl - due to
perceived deficiencies
o Ppl w/ psych'ical disorders face stereotyping and stigmatization
Dissociative identity disorder (DID) - a rare dissociative disorder in which 2 or more distinct and
separate personalities are present w/i the same individual, each w/ his/her own memories,
relationships, and behaviour patterns, w/ only 1 of them dominant at any given time.
o Used to be referred to as multiple personality disorder
Mental illness can happen regardless of fame fortune or power
Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) - a national organization which prov's info on
mental illness and advocates for mentally ill ppl
Self-stigma - the tendency for distressed ppl to internalize negative views of them self for not
being well-adjusted.
o Ppl w/ high self-stigma see themselves according to their negative stereotypes
Mental health literacy - accurate knowledge which a person dvps about mental illness, its causes,
and treatments.
1.4 Mental Health Problems and their Treatment in Canada
Mental or substance use disorders - is comprised of substance use disorders, mood disorders, and
generalized anx disorder
Substance use disorder - incl's alcohol abuse or dependence, cannabis abuse or dependence, and
other drug abuse or dependence
Mood disorder - incl's depression (major depressive episode) and bipolar disorder
Ppl in both Newfoundland and Labrador and PEI reported the most happiness and the least
Quebec has high levels of self-esteem and mastery, but the least happiness and most distress
Disability costs to society incl:
1. Personal misery
2. Disruption to family life
3. Lower quality of life
4. Loss of productivity
The 5 disorders w/ the highest amo of burden were:
1. Depression
2. Bipolar disorder
3. Alcohol use disorders
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