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25 Dec 2011

Document Summary

Ppl w/ personality disorders exhibit extremes of several traits and are often rigid in their bhvr and cannot change it in response to changes in the situations they experience. >> mary (girl in the beginning example) demo d borderline personality disorder w/ her frequent mood swings, periods of depression, and extreme irritability. The reliability of personality disorder diagnoses had improved due to the publication of specific diagnostic criteria and the dvlpt of structured interviews designed for assessing personality disorders. Anti-social personality disorder is a stable diagnosis (a patient given the diagnosis is very like to receive the same diagnosis when evaluated later) but schizotypal and dependent personality disorders are not stable over time. Many disorders are egosyntonic the person w/ a personality disorder is unaware that a problem exists and may not be experiencing significant distress. > ppl who interact w/ these individuals become informants and disorders need to diagnosed via clinical interviews led by trained personnel.